Alder trees

alder trees Listing Alder trees today will post link in an edit 25 – 45cm tall, cheaper than buying a big tree. Alder trees (Alnus spp.) are often used in re-forestation projects and to stabilize soil in wet areas, but you seldom see them in residential landscapes. Nurseries that cater to home gardeners rarely offerContinue reading “Alder trees”

Eating apple trees


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eBay Link 2month old plants pest free 30cm tall x 10 if you didn’t want to germinate some £1 each here. Produce a couple broccolis each plant, nice for containers.

Miscanthus grass Good for river banks is an evergreen grass, flourishes in the spring summer months seeds late summer.

Miscanthus grass specimens

Auction / Buy it now. A hardy ornament grass, survives over cold spells dies back a modest amount in winter. We have some as river bank ornamental … Miscanthus grass specimens

Aquilegia seeds – dark red

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Apple trees

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Fire red french marigold flower seeds x35

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English oak tree sprouting seeds English oak tree acorns are easy to germinate just put them in a bucket with drainage holes and leave until sprouted, pot up then plant outside in time. Or we sell sprouted oak seeds (acorns).

Runner beans “Butter Beans”

Riverside grass miscanthus sinensis in 2s

Aquilegia seeds 100 approx. Aquilegia seeds. Annual

3 x sweet pea flowers Free 1st class postage galaxy mixed.

Sweet pea flowers

Sumac tree seeds Stratification needed 4-14 weeks

Aquilegia seeds

Sumac “staghorn”seeds these seeds require to go through a stratification process.

125 x Autumnal Peas Late cropping

Good deal on Miscanthus

Autumnal Peas are back! Less than 1.90 a plug including 1st class P&P

Dwarf Dahlias


200 x Aquilegia seeds

Aquilegia seed 2020

Tomato – 45cm – x2 – 1st class P&P

More Picture 🐝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

4 x pumpkin plants 🌱

English Tomatoes 🍅

Bottle sprayer 💧

Sumac seeds red stag horn X 50

Ornamental grass plant seed 🌿